Since 1996, the ANACONDA Choir, attached to the House of Latin America, unites amateur and semiprofessional singers of different nationalities with the aim of interpreting the huge variety of Latin American music.


We highly appreciate the musical as well as the social value of this heritage and this leads us to collaborate on various art projects aimed at financially supporting social actions in several countries in Latin America.


The ANACONDA repertoire consists essentially of traditional songs in Spanish, Portuguese and indigenous languages, in addition to classical pieces as the Misa Criolla by Argentine composer Ariel Ramirez, contemporary adaptations of folk songs, carols, etc.


ANACONDA is a polyphonic choir of mixed voices (sopranos, altos, tenors and basses), accompanied in their performances by a group of professional musicians (guitar, percussion and wind instruments Latin).


The ANACONDA choir is affiliated since 2001 to the Federation Wallonia-Brussels Coral A Coeur Joie (


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